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Evan who?

Gambardella (GAM-bar-DELL-ah): It means beautiful legs in Italian.

Who is Evan? Just an actor with a dash of wanderlust. Moonlighting as a professional magician and consulting hypnotist.

Connecticut native and Boston educated. Lived in Cape Town, Beijing, and recently moved to Brooklyn. 

Failing more than he'd like, and less perfect than his bio makes him appear, but always striving to make his family proud. 

Volleyball team captain, Tai Chi beginner, lover of the guitar and French horn, frequent finder of four-leaf clovers, and best friends with a Goldendoodle. 


Tell me more!

REGIONAL—Yale Repertory Theatre: Elevada (Dancer); Elm Shakespeare: Tina Packer’s A Midsummer Night's Dream (Puck); New Repertory Theatre: Assassins (Balladeer/Lee Harvey Oswald); Boston University Theatre: Columbinus (Freak/Eric Harris). OFF BROADWAY—Cherry Lane Theatre: The Dick and the Rose (Puppeteer); Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre: Houdin (Eric Weiss); Irish Repertory Theatre: Harrison Loves Brian (Romeo). Evan has made television appearances on "Law and Order SVU," "Pandora’s Box," "Saturday Night Live," among others. Evan most recently starred in Academy Award-winning director Alvaro Donado’s newest film, “Midnights” on Cine Sony.

Evan is a stage magician and consulting hypnotist, performing across the continental USA with his one-man Hypnosis Show. Evan has conducted voice, improvisation, and ‘Hypnosis in Acting’ workshops in Beijing, China while continuing to work with private clients across the globe from his home in Downtown Brooklyn. Evan is the recipient of the 2014 ArtsIMPULSE Award for "Best Student Actor" and the 2019 Summer PUSH Grant from the Actor’s Fund.