Al Charged with Indecent Assault: Case Re-opened 7 years later

Surprising news, and serendipitous timing:

One year ago I published a lengthy #metoo statement regarding Al Chase sexually assaulting me.

Upon posting my statement, I received messages from several men who had either been groomed, inappropriately encountered, and/or sexually assaulted by Al over the last few decades; some of whom were underage at the time of their assaults.

The Boston Globe began investigating my accusations and the accusations of other men against Al Chase. The DA got wind of my #metoo statement and contacted me about my case.

While I thought my case had been dropped, I was surprised to learn it was still open–just labeled incorrectly. Due to this filing error, it was forgotten about until my statement had been published last year. I was offered a sincere apology by the DA’s office for my case being mislabeled and we moved forward.

Over the next several months I had multiple Skype meetings with the DA’s office. A court summons was eventually sent to Al’s only address on record in September of 2018. Unfortunately, he never showed up to court. A warrant for his arrest was issued as a result. There was no confirmation if and where he had relocated. Until his current address was found, the case was at a standstill.

Only days ago, on the eve of the one-year anniversary of my #metoo statement being posted, I received an unexpected phone call from the DA’s office. Al Chase’s whereabouts were found and he turned himself in.

Al was formally charged with indecent assault in Framingham District Court. A pre-trial hearing is currently scheduled for June 6th of this year. 

It’s been a very slow process and in many ways it’s only just beginning. While it is uncertain if justice will be served and I’ll see the outcome I desire, Al Chase will have to answer for his actions.

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