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Boston Globe Investigates

For full article visit: read copied and pasted version below: Sexual Assault Allegations Reverberate in Boston Theater Scene By Malcolm Gay GLOBE STAFF ...

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Al Chase Admits Assault Allegations Are True

Al Chase admitted he sexually assaulted me. After I was assaulted by Al in 2012, he created a Facebook group called the Socratic Round Table. This was a group for continuing his weekly luncheons with young people from the Boston area. I was blocked by Al ...

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#MeToo: Al Chase

In 2012, I was sexually assaulted by Al Chase, a member of the IRNE Awards Committee and a theatre reviewer in the Greater Boston Area.


Q&A with Boston Globe

"A young Matthew Broderick" "Think of: A young Matthew Broderick." "Gambardella’s adeptness at portraying two very different characters in New Repertory Theatre’s “Assassins’’: the smooth Balladeer and the agitated Lee Harvey Oswald in the mo ...


Boston Arts

Boston Arts "a tour de force" "Gambardella creates a character you won't soon forget." "Best of all, in a tour de force is Evan Gambardella, first as the balladeer, there at the start to chronicle the first assassination, then ...


The Boston Globe

"Superb" "Evan Gambardella, superb as both the Balladeer and as Oswald."  "There’s an eerie timeliness to New Repertory Theatre’s taut, compelling production of the Stephen Sondheim-John Weidman musical “Assassins." "The cast is uniformly str ...


On Boston Stages

On Boston Stages "Evan Gambardella shines as The Balladeer, a narrator who gives the characters’ back stories before they have the chance to explain themselves to the audience, and doubles as Lee Harvey Oswald, egged on by Booth to join the c ...


Theatre Mirror

Theatre Mirror "Fantastic" "Strong acting prowess" "Evan Gambardella plays the lead role of the Balladeer and Lee Harvey Oswald. As the Balladeer, he comments on the events as they are happening and uses his strong high tenor voice  ...


New Haven Register

"Choreographers Kyle Abraham and Kevin Williamson may not be on call through much of the performance, but their work and the five dancers - Frankie Alicia, Luis Antonio, Evan Gambardella, Melissa Kaufman and Rebecca Maddy - genuinely mine the fanc ...