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Dutch Kills Theatre

Evan has been brought on to two projects with Dutch Kills Theatre, workshopping two shows and staged readings by Hondo Weiss-Richmond and Daniel McCoy. Dutch Kills is committed to developing new plays by the most exciting emerging theater artists in New York and beyond.



Another IRNE reviewer, Alan Chase, was accused of sexual assault by a young actor, Evan Gambardella, who said Chase used his influence as a critic to manipulate him. Chase, 71, was charged this month with indecent assault and battery.


Theater News: IRNE Awards

Speaking on behalf of the IRNE judges, Mike Hoban declared that “we support the brave action of Evan Gambardella in coming forward and sharing his trauma in order to shine a light on inappropriate and predatory behavior and the horrific consequences for its victims.”

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Boston Globe: Sexual Assault Allegations Erupt in Boston

A freelance theater critic has been blacklisted by area theaters after an actor accused him of sexual assault — a case that was reported to police but not pursued by prosecutors as the critic continued to circulate within Boston’s theater community.

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Best Student Actor Winner

Evan wins Best Student Actor for his portrayal of Freak/Eric Harris in Boston University's "Columbinus." ArtsImpulse provides a catalyst for change within the Greater Boston theatre communities by driving sociopolitical change within the Greater Boston community.

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ArtsImpulse Q&A

Evan Gambardella won our respect and admiration. In his Interview, Evan discusses the audition and rehearsal process for columbinus, his research into the role, and even his extraordinary background and skills as a professional magician that has taken him all over the world!

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Q&A with Boston Globe

“Think of: A young Matthew Broderick.” “Gambardella’s adeptness at portraying two very different characters in New Repertory Theatre’s “Assassins’’: the smooth Balladeer and the agitated Lee Harvey Oswald in the moments before he shot JFK.” Many thanks to Don for the feature!

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Boston Globe: "Superb"

“Evan Gambardella, superb as both the Balladeer and as Oswald.”  “There’s an eerie timeliness to New Repertory Theatre’s taut, compelling production of the Stephen Sondheim-John Weidman musical “Assassins.” “The cast is uniformly strong.”

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Boston Arts: "Tour de force"

“Best of all, in a tour de force is Evan Gambardella, first as the balladeer, there at the start to chronicle the first assassination, then as a confused, reluctant Lee Harvey Oswald, entreated by all the other assassins, to give them historical importance... Gambardella creates a character you won’t soon forget.”

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BroadwayWorld: "Disturbing Edge"

Gambardella has a folksy presence and pleasing voice when he sings the ballads of Booth, Czolgosz, and Guiteau, and skillfully transforms to play Oswald with a disturbing edge.

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GO - Yale Rep

New Haven Register Review

Choreographers Kyle Abraham and Kevin Williamson may not be on call through much of the performance, but their work and the five dancers – Frankie Alicia, Luis Antonio, Evan Gambardella, Melissa Kaufman and Rebecca Maddy – genuinely mine the fanciful moments Callaghan affords them. To bend Ramona’s line in the first scene, it wouldn’t be the party it is without them."

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Theatre Mirror: "Strong Acting Prowess"

“Evan Gambardella plays the lead role of the Balladeer and Lee Harvey Oswald. As the Balladeer, he uses his strong high tenor voice in his many songs including ‘The Ballad of Booth’, ‘I Saved Roosevelt’, ‘The Ballad of Czolgosz’, ‘The Ballad of Guiteau’ and ‘Another National Anthem.’ The Oswald and Booth dramatic scene is fantastic…The dramatic scene with Evan displays his strong acting prowess in these roles.”

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Boston Stages: "Gambardella Shines"

“Evan Gambardella shines as The Balladeer, a narrator who gives the characters’ back stories before they have the chance to explain themselves to the audience, and doubles as Lee Harvey Oswald, egged on by Booth to join the club by killing Kennedy.” 

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NH Independent: "No Match for Him"

“Gambardella plays Puck as more than mischievous; he’s borderline deranged. The hapless lovers in the woods are, it’s clear, no match for [him].” "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" will be held outdoors in New Haven’s Edgerton Park until September 4th, every night at 8pm Tuesday-Sunday. Make sure to bring a blanket or lawn chairs, and arrive early; audiences have reached over 2,000.

Photo: Mike Franzman

Hartford Courant: "Mesmerizing"

Packer's known for crisp, clear presentations of Shakespeare plays that have a contemporary relevance and don't dumb anything down. In Packer's fairy world, Oberon constantly berates and dominates his rapscallion sidekick Puck, played by a mesmerizing Evan Gambardella, playing the role as if he were fronting a punk band. 

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